Dead Letter Office premiered inside the abandoned rooms of the James Farley Post Office in New York City. The show is an immersive murder mystery which uses headphones and MP3 devices to guide audiences through a maze of rooms and includes a three course dinner. Modernizing what Agatha Christie perfected, Dead Letter Office takes on the idea of a murder mystery, but presents it in a fresh and haunting way never done before. Audiences witness the death of Postmaster Thomas Coddington III, then spend the rest of evening wandering around the abandoned Post Office trying to solve whodunnit. With food around every corner and a list of classic characters popping in and out, Dead Letter Office is a truly unique, 'only in New York' type experience.

"Dead Letter Office"was written and directed by Zackary Grady and produced by
Spring Street Social Society in November of 2014


THOMAS - Shane Zeigler
PATRICIA - Meredith Holzman
HELEN - Mikaela Feely-Lehmann
RUTH - Lauren Blumenfeld
BETTY - Katelyn Manfre
JOHN - Todd Flaherty
ALBERT - Alex Malcolm Mills
NORMA - Janna Emig
SUSAN - Sherz Aletaha

Spring Street Social Society

Patrick Janelle
Amy Buchanan


PSM - Claire Graves
Set Design - Justin Wootton
Prop Design - Jessie Weaver
Costume Design - Yael Quint,
Ishmael Dizon

Lighting Design - Joel Fitzpatrick
Photography - Daniel Seung Lee,
Jolie Ruben